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Discover exceptional eyewear at Turlock Eyecare! We curate a unique selection of independent eyewear brands, eco-friendly choices and the opportunity to build your own eyewear with customized choices.  We also offer a wide selection of top trending eyewear and budget conscious choices in addition to our top designer eyewear lines. 


We are experienced at providing specialty and sport eyewear, such as ANSI stamped safety glasses (in prescription or non-prescription) for working safely. Our quality lens materials, personalized service, frame styling, and insurance navigation make us the premier choice for all ages.  Don't forget about our in-house repair shop and lab.  If you are in a rush to get your lenses, see if we have your prescription in stock! 

Get your glasses where you get your eyes examined, there is no reason not to!

Thema - A Family Factory, an Italian-based Company founded in 1993, leader in Eco-Friendly and Fully Customizable eyewear.  Presenting not just new products but also new services, and customizable options, to improve the retail experience for our customers allows us the ability to be unique in the ever-changing eyewear manufacturing industry.  In 2017 Thema opened a factory in Miami, FL in order to bring the quality and traditions of Italian eyewear to the United States.

Wiley X is a family-owned company founded by U.S. Veteran Myles Freeman Sr. with a focused determination to create the world's best protective gear for those that protect our country.

Founded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, Shwood (the original wood glasses) was born from the limb of a Madrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store. 

Shwood has developed over 15 new materials innovations in the eyewear market.  These materials include stone, newspaper, oxidized copper, glass, abalone shell, vinyl records, and many more.


Wolf Eyewear is a British, family-run eyewear brand that creates high-quality and innovative frames that reveal your wild side! Founded in 2009, Wolf Eyewear supplies independent opticians across the UK and Europe with uniquely bold, beautiful and colourful frames. With a growing and diverse range of materials and styles and an international audience, Wolf Eyewear is the new stand-out brand for the fashion-conscious.


Independent Eyewear



When Fred Friedfeld founded ClearVision in 1949, his goal was to create a great experience for independent eyecare professionals by providing high quality products and exceptional service.A privately held company, ClearVision is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. 

ClearVision Optical has been named one of the Best Companies to Work for in New York State.


Safilo began in Italy’s Veneto region in 1878 with their first eyewear and optical frames production facility. Today, they are a major player in the eyewear market in the design, production and distribution of sunglasses, optical frames, sports helmets and goggles and sports glasses. Research, development and design have always been their company strengths. 

In 1970, they patented the Elasta hinge and launched the new UFO sunglasses. In 1996, they acquired the prestigious Smith and Carrera brands, followed in 2012 by Polaroid Eyewear, a leader in optics and polarised lens technology.

"We cultivate responsible, long-term partnerships based on trust to create mutual value and continue to exceed our own and our stakeholders’ expectations. The human value of the skills that have guided us and set us apart from the very beginning marks the path towards where we want to go: a sustainable global leader."


Altair Eyewear has a proud history of committing its employees, resources and brands to sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives. Instead of relying on one-off efforts, we have now set ourselves an ambitious, integrated action plan – EYES ON TOMORROW ®. This long-term, global program will guide us in responsibly ensuring that our eyewear and our processes will have a lowered impact on the planet and commits us to being the best possible partner to our stakeholders, employees and communities.




One prescription throughout the entire lens for distance, intermediate, or near viewing. Sometimes prescribed for all distances.


Visible line splits these lenses into two viewing areas, usually one large one for distance and one for near. A trifocal has three distances.

(no line)

Progressive lenses have a gradual, invisible transition from distance to near viewing as your eye moves down towards the bottom of the lens.


Treatment embedded in your lens to allow more light in for clearer vision, reduce appearance of reflections, and reduce eye strain


Treatment embedded in the lens to repel dirt, dust, and scratches to result in less frequent cleaning and better quality vision


Ergonomic lens that relieves eye strain and fatigue by blocking blue light  from digital devices.


Freeform technology calculates a uniform prescription throughout every viewing area in the lens, reducing peripheral distortions & providing crisp vision.

Hi Index

A variety of lens materials that makes moderate to higher prescriptions thinner and lighter while reducing magnification & minification of vision


Safe, impact resistant lenses for wearers with an active lifestyle. Ideal for sports enthusiasts and children.


Wide selection of color, intensity, and gradient options that diminish glare, optimize contrast, and protect eyes from UV light.


Light reactive lenses that automatically adjust their darkness while maintaining UV protection. Variety of brands including "Transitions" .


Ideal for freeway driving and water activities, these lenses filter 50% of the sun's rays that reflect off surfaces

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