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There is a method to the madness. The shape of your face, type of prescription, and when the glasses will be used all play a role into selecting the right frame. Get ready to browse countless  options at your leisure or have one of our staff style you.

Brands we carry include Oakley, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Coach, Spy, Guess, Calvin Klein, Juicy, Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Silhouettes, Armani, Anne Klein, Steve Madden, Carrera, Kate Spade, Fossil, Michael Kors, Nikes, Rag and Bones, and more! Check out our instagram for photos of our latest.

Sometimes there are almost too many choices! If you can't decide on the right pair, you take your final options home to show your family and friends.  When you have decided, you can return to our optical to finalize the order.


Vision is important to our daily tasks and glasses measurements can make or break your visual comfort. If the prescription isn't centered on the pupil, bothersome problems called aberrations or prism may be induced. This can cause excess strain on eye muscles, asthenopia, and distorted vision. Because none of us are perfectly symmetrical, it is critical to have optical staff obtain measurements of your frame once it is fit to your face. This way, the lab will be able to create the right lenses for your eyes.

We use a variety of methods to ensure proper frame and lens fitting, depending on each individual. We use M'Eye Fit Mirror technology utilizing Essilor's patented 3D measurement protocol to provide precise and customized measurements.

customize lenses

We partner with Hoya, Empire, and VSP labs in California to create your digital lenses. Digital lenses are the new standard to optimize all day visual comfort. They are meticulously shaped to provide a customized visual experience in the digital world we face daily.

Because our eyes focus differently depending on the distance at which we are viewing, different types of lenses may be prescribed. There are many styles and brands of each lens type, so it is important to talk with your frame stylist about your visual tasks you face daily, so they can help you select the right option.


One prescription throughout the entire lens for distance, intermediate, or near viewing. Sometimes prescribed for all distances.


Visible line splits these lenses into two viewing areas, usually one large one for distance and one for near. A trifocal has three distances.

(no line)

Progressive lenses have a gradual, invisible transition from distance to near viewing as your eye moves down towards the bottom of the lens.


Treatment embedded in your lens to allow more light in for clearer vision, reduce appearance of reflections, and reduce eye strain


Treatment embedded in the lens to repel dirt, dust, and scratches to result in less frequent cleaning and better quality vision


Ergonomic lens that relieves eye strain and fatigue by blocking blue light  from digital devices.


Freeform technology calculates a uniform prescription throughout every viewing area in the lens, reducing peripheral distortions & providing crisp vision.

Hi Index

A variety of lens materials that makes moderate to higher prescriptions thinner and lighter while reducing magnification & minification of vision


Safe, impact resistant lenses for wearers with an active lifestyle. Ideal for sports enthusiasts and children.


Wide selection of color, intensity, and gradient options that diminish glare, optimize contrast, and protect eyes from UV light.


Light reactive lenses that automatically adjust their darkness while maintaining UV protection. Variety of brands including "Transitions" .


Ideal for freeway driving and water activities, these lenses filter 50% of the sun's rays that reflect off surfaces