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We offer comprehensive vision and medical eye care services to patients of all ages. Our team of doctors and staff have a patient centered approach to provide each of our patients a comfortable and informative eye care experience.



Regular vision testing and evaluations ensure that you have the clearest vision possible. Our Turlock Eyecare optometrists perform comprehensive eye exams which includes testing your vision to determine your refractive error.  Additionally, your optometrist will be testing your eye muscles and focusing capabilities, which both influence the final recommendations for glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery.
Are you are nervous for the infamous "which is better? one - or- two?" test? Let's be real, sometimes they all look the same! Don't fret, our optometrists gather additional ways to make sure you end up with the correct prescription. 


There is so much more to your eye than how far you can read on the eye chart. Good vision depends on good eye health. Because many eye disease start without symptoms, preventative check ups are critical to promoting excellent eye health, resulting in healthy vision. 

All optometrists at Turlock Eyecare have their ocular therapeutics license. This means that they diagnose and treat all types of ocular diseases, infections, and inflammation with topical and oral medications.


Additionally, they receive specific certification for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. Turlock Eyecare has ocular imaging and testing in office to manage the chronic eye conditions conditions, such as glaucoma.

Eye Health


Contact lenses are a medical device that must be fit and prescribed by a licensed professional, such as your optometrist. Because a contact lens directly contact your ocular tissues, there are more risks involved to your eye health.  Improper care, lens material, or fit can lead to infections, scars, dry eye, and permanent vision loss.

When used appropriately, contacts are a great way to correct vision or even some eye diseases like keratoconus, dry eye, or irregular astigmatism. We have the largest diagnostic lens inventory in the Central Valley. Our optometrists specialize in making customized lenses for patients that can't wear traditional lenses. We fit soft, toric, hybrid, rigid gas permeable, and scleral lenses depending on the needs of each patient.



We hand select each frame in our optical based on durability, performance, and style. We have a wide array of brands and ensure the companies we work with warranty the quality of their work. 


Our frame stylists will review your insurance benefits with you.  They will help you select the right frame for your face and prescription. They will adjust and fit the frames as well as take any measurements needed for your lenses. They will sit down with you to help figure out which digital lens options will best suit your frames, prescription, lifestyle and budget. 


Delaying emergency eye care could make the difference between recovering and permanently losing sight.  Our optometrists realize that accidents and injuries don't follow office hours, so they have committed to being available for urgent eye care, no matter what time it is.  We provide emergency services to established and new patients. Call our office at any time for instructions for contacting our on call optometrist. 

 What types of emergencies do we evaluate? 

  • trauma or injury

  • metal, wood, glass or other object in eye

  • scratch or abrasion

  • chemical in eye

  • burn from hair styling tools

  • welder's burn

  • eye pain

  • eye redness, discharge, itching

  • swollen eyelids, drooping eyelid

  • pressure

  • flashes of light in vision

  • floaters or spots in vision

  • double vision

  • sudden loss of vision

  • problems after eye surgery

  • problems with contact lens, contact lens stuck in eye

  • and more

Emergency services


There are many different types of eye surgeries and more importantly, you need to know if they are necessary and safe for your eyes. The optometrists at Turlock Eyecare work closely with ophthalmologists they trust, in all specialties to ensure their patients get the right care, at the right time.


Refractive surgery is an elective procedure for vision correction, commonly referred to as LASIK.  Our doctors work hand-in -hand with refractive surgeons to walk you through each step. Our optometrists perform special testing at our Turlock office in order to determine if you are a candidate for refractive surgery.  If your eyeballs  qualify, you can schedule your pre and post-operative visits locally with your Turlock Eyecare optometrist who knows your eyes better than anyone and stay local for most of your treatment.


Our Turlock Eyecare Optometrists also co-ordinate surgical consults for all ocular health conditions and diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal detachments. Our optometrists have developed strong relationships within each specialty.  We treat you like our family.  We only recommend surgery when necessary and with a surgeon that has proven their excellence.

surgical comanagement
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